About Me

Dhruvesh Patel

I have an eclectic background involving ^500 robotics, ^500 software engineering, ^500 computer science, ^500 machine learning ^500 and natural language processing. ^1000

I started off by working on computational aspects of robot kinematics and dynamics at the Robotics Lab., IIT Madras. My master's thesis on computing the safe working zone of parallel robot manipulators resulted in a publication at an international conference. ^1000

I have worked as a software engineer at MathWorks focusing majorly on developing Simulink and related products. This bolstered my knowledge of computer science and software development. ^1000

Later, I worked in a small team at Kenome -- a nascent but extremely driven startup founded by Prof. Partha Talukdar -- solving challenging problems using Machine Learning and NLP. There I developed and deployed an RNN based time series prediction engine which utilizes structured time series data as well as unstructured textual data to make predictions about the time series. ^1000

Currently I am pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst focusing my coursework/projects on NLP and Machine Learning. My current research interests lie in the intersection of geometry, deep learning and NLP. In particular, I am interested in exploiting the geometry of non-euclidean spaces to provide correct inductive bias to the representation models of natural language. I work as a Graduate Student Research Assistant at Information Extraction and Synthesis Lab (IESL) which is headed by Prof. Andrew McCallum.

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My Professional Journey

Working on learning and using representations of language data in non-euclidean spaces.. read more May 2019 - present
Research Assistant

Working towards a master's degree in Computer Science with focus on ML and NLP.. read more Jan 2019 - present
Master of Science in Computer Science

Making sense of structured and unstructured data.. read more Mar 2018 - Jan 2019
Software Development Engineer, Machine Learning

Worked on development of Simulink and allied products. Mainly using C++... read more Jun 2016 - Jan 2018
Software Engineer

Analysis of Kinematics and Dynamics, Design, Interfacing and Control of a vehicle motion simulator based on a 3-DoF Parallel Manipulator... read more Dec 2014 - May 2015
Research and Design Engineer (Intern)

Trained for developing products, be it a software or a robot--taking it from need analysis to a final prototype and beyond. With a wide focus, learned basics of almost all the fields of engineering like computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The interdisciplinary yet technical nature of the curriculum prepared me for diving deep into any field of engineering with focus on building products... read more Aug 2011 - Jul 2016
Dual Degree (Btech+Mtech) in Engineering Design with minor in Systems Engineering

My Skills

My Projects

Using boxes for Natural Language Inference

Using Box representation for Natural Language Inference. This is an ongoing research project at IESL UMass with updates coming soon!

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HyperA -- Attention in Hyperbolic Space

A pytorch implementation of Hyperbolic Neural Networks and attention mechanisms. Hyperbolic attention applied to the task of Natural Language Inference.

...   ...


A c++ library for polynomial and matrix arithmetic, focused on applications in Kinematics.

...   ...


An intelligent debugger for C/C++ code on Linux

...   ...

Computing the safe working zone of parallel manipulators

Work in computational kinematics of parallel robot manipulators

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Experiments with TensorFlow

An aggregation of my experiments in Neural Networks and Deep Learning using TensorFlow

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I-Glide, A Self-balancing Personal Transporter

Development of a product that addresses the short distance transportation (2-7 km) issues of people

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