As a graduate teaching assistant in-charge of grading, I formulated the rubrics as well as performed the grading for Prof Justin Domke’s course COMPSCI 688: Probabilistic Graphical Models in Spring 2020. I also performed grading for COMPSCI 688: Research Methods in Empirical Computer Science taught by Prof. David Jensen in Spring 2019. During my final year at IIT Madras, I provided mentorship to 10 groups of sophomore students for Advanced product development Lab., performed grading for Mechanics and design of mechanisms class and presented as a guest lecturer in two classes.


I have been fortune to have found great collaborators and mentees. I have provided mentorship to the following M.S. students through various projects and independent studies at UMass Amherst.

  1. Tejas Chheda
  2. Purujit Goyal
  3. Trang Tran
  4. Elliot Tower
  5. Hitesh Golchha
  6. Eunjeong Hwang
  7. Alan Sempruch